Become a profit machine.


How each individual within the club views utopia is where the differences generally appear.

A combination of different priorities mixed with personal agendas can at times, create a bit of friction.

The process of figuring out the best solution for all areas is a juggling act and unfortunately, solid management and structured development are usually sacrificed when the hurdles become present.

Harness the enthusiasm and encourage the input… If we know everyone is striving for similar outcomes there will be an answer within.

It is rarely a perfect world within a volunteer platform, many different ideas on how to achieve the end result but choices and decisions should be driven by facts and without a platform to support the assumptions, this area can become challenging and create tension.

We are often bogged down in the micro-management of the activity and can lose sight of the intended purpose.

With any sales or event opportunity presented, budgets should be considered, the ability to repeat the process as often as we’d like and having clarity around the key drivers behind continued success.

“There are obvious parallels between successful clubs that sustain a model and organisations that keep running on a treadmill, surviving in a hand-to-mouth operation and in constant search for the golden answers… Unless you’ve walked both paths, it’s difficult to know how to make the change