Grants Available – $10 000

To all City of Greater Dandenong Sporting Clubs

Closing date: (Postponed)

Notification of outcome: (Postponed)

Project period (Start and End dates): (TBC)

Applies to the Localities of: Bangholme, Dandenong, Dandenong North, Dandenong South, Keysborough, Lyndhurst, Noble Park, Noble Park North, Springvale and Springvale South.

If your club have some uncertainty around applying for grants due to COVID-19 – There is no downside in applying and Councils are encouraging applications to help organisations in need.

Understandably, you may be concerned in your sporting organisation’s ability to spend any grant money won from this grant or any grant during these unprecedented times. Please note, assuming of course that we are successful with any grant application, that you will not receive any grant funds until around June this year, after which you have at least another 12 months to spend the money i.e. July 2021.

Given the current global situation, these rules may be further relaxed. So there is no obligation to spend the money soon and as you aware, we work on a success fee basis, so in summary there is really no downside in continuing to apply for grants now. In fact Councils and other levels of Government are encouraging it and releasing more grants than ever.

I hope that helps to clarify the situation if you were believing it is not really worth applying.

Up to $10,000 can be applied for per organisation, just noting that applications requesting over $5,000 must demonstrate a $ for $ matching contribution for the amount in excess of $5,000. Example, if an application requests $7,000 from Council, the organisation must have matched financial contribution of a minimum of $2,000.

Priorities listed below.

Priority is given to projects that have a specific focus on achieving one or more of these goals:

  • Applications under $7,500.
  • Applications from New and Emerging Groups (in existence for up to three years).
  • Projects that focus on strengthening young people’s sense of community belonging.
  • Projects that focus on promoting gender equity, and support the right of women to engage and participate equally in all aspects of community life.
  • Projects that focus on encouraging respect and reconciliation between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians.
  • Projects that focus on building lifelong community learning and skills development.
  • Projects that support LGBTI recognition, inclusion and community understanding.

Also attached is a list of previous recipients to give you an idea of what is funded by this grant. What we apply for can be pretty broad, it is the ultimate objective / benefit to the community that matters. We will liaise with council to obtain feedback on your proposed project application, which in our experience substantially increases the chances of success and ensures we don’t waste time.

If you are interested and believe you have an eligible initiative, please reply to this email with a few details about the initiative and what specifically you would like to apply for by 15th of April. In this way we can ensure there is enough time to gather required documentation, liaise with Council on your behalf and ultimately prepare a quality grant application. We’ll of course do our best with any late applications, but cannot guarantee meeting the deadline.

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